The Land of Lemons and Nuts: A Fable

The Land of Lemons and Nuts, Kathy Graham's first children's book, is a picture book that teaches economics, finance, personal choice, and environmental impacts on food decisions to children ages 4 through 9 in a manner that delights while sneakily educating them.

"What a great book! You have done a wonderful job creating a children's tale that gently and effectively illustrates fundamental ideas about economics: gains from trade, benefits of working to produce a good to sell, and international trade. I like that you ended with a traditional saying, but with an economics component added. The pictures are charming. I recommend it to my economics students for their children."
—Michael Gibbs, Professor of Economics and Human Resources, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

"This book is not explicitly an economics book but there is a very valuable lesson inside about the need for entrepreneurial spirits and the benefits of trade. It's also a cute story with nice picture and a cheeky moral at the end. Most of the books for kids about economics are horrible, but this is one of the bright spots! Thank you!"
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"Kathleen Graham's new children's book, "The Land of Lemons and Nuts" provides a mini lesson in economics for children ages 4 to 9. A child hearing or reading this tale won't be aware of the underlying message because the story is so enjoyable and the bright, beautiful illustrations will capture their interest immediately. This charming tale will resonate with children and keep them engrossed from cover to cover. The fundamental economics lessons that are introduced are subtle and cleverly spaced throughout this magical tale. The perfect holiday gift for children ages 4 to 9. The kids and their parents will love it. I highly recommend it and have been suggesting it all my clients who have children or grandchildren in this age group. An enchanting book!"
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