Kathy Graham designs and delivers workshops & keynote speeches on relevant "person in (work) environment" topics.

    NOVEMBER 2022

  • Invited to kickoff the second day of Procurement Foundry's ENGAGE Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Moderator Kathy Graham and her guest, CEO/COO/CFO/Operating Partner/Board Director Jeff Blade, discussed how procurement/supply chain professionals can become Partners to the C-Suite AND are already being asked to serve as public and private company Board Directors because their expertise is now in demand to transform supply chain disruptions into an opportunity for their company, their boss, and their own career.

  • SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Invited as featured presenter at Beyond Board's BOARD MATERIALS BOOTCAMP. Kathy discussed live and on video the key components of a Board Bio and LinkedIn profiles. The video is available to all 8,000+ Beyond Board members.

  • DECEMBER 2021

  • Invited as panelist and Thirty Percent Coalition corporate member to address CHANGING CORPORATE DEMANDS IN BOARD SEARCHES at Thirty Percent Coalition's 12/21 Annual Meeting. Thirty Percent Coalition represents $7 trillion AUM working to increase corporate board diversity.

  • OCTOBER 2021

  • Addressed 250 North Carolina CPAs/CFOs on YOUR CORPORATE BOARD DIRECTOR JOURNEY for 75 minutes at a virtual and in-person conference presentation—received high ratings from attendees.

  • JULY 2020

  • Chosen as 1 of 10 virtual speakers at 2020 AICPA/CIMA national conference on "REBRANDING THE CFO"—given high ratings by attendees.

    Click on the image to watch the video of Kathy's presentation.

  • JUNE 2020

  • Asked to develop "THE DNA OF THE FUTURE CFO" discussion session for NYC AICPA CFO conference & recruit/create/moderate a Fireside Chat with the CFO of CBS/Viacom—received high attendee marks.
  • JUNE 2019

  • Requested to moderate panel on “"NEWEST IN POWERING A DIGITAL FINANCE FUNCTION CULTURE/MINDSET” at 2019 AICPA/CIMA national conference, CFO TRACK—received high marks from attendees.
  • 2015

  • Created a workshop for a high growth private firm that utilized GAMIFICATION in 2015 to teach first-time managers the "HOW TOs OF MASTERING NEW DEMANDS."
  • 2014

  • Designed “CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA STORY,” a highly rated interactive workshop created especially for the CFA Society of Chicago.
  • 2009-2014

  • Created “CAREER STRATEGIES FOR YOU,” a highly rated career development workshop & individual sessions given at top-tier universities, business associations, and the CFA Societies in Boston, Chicago, and New York, with 50-200 attendees.
  • 2013

  • Crafted the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF CHICAGO's 2013 MONEY SMART WEEK™ program with Chicago Tribune finance writer—attracted >200 attendees, received high ratings.
  • 2012

  • Designed “CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA STORY,” a highly rated interactive workshop created especially for the CFA Society of Boston.
  • 2009

  • Delivered as a first day morning speaker “SAFE SAILING IN STORMY WEATHER” at the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF CHICAGO's 9TH ANNUAL PRIVATE EQUITY CONFERENCE in June 2009. Click to read the PDF with complete script and slides of the presentation.